DataRebels, LLC

DataRebels is a consulting firm, not a contracting firm. Our vision is to teach our Data Vault community to fish, not to hand them a fish.

At DataRebels, success is engaging with our clients as a strategic partner whose sole purpose is to help them and our community find the best technical solutions given the emerging technologies, mixed messages and vendor promises, work environments, constraints, and risks we all face.

We want to do something of significance. We want what we spend most of our
waking hours engaged in (that time away from our families or loved ones) to matter.

Cindi Meyersohn, Founder of DataRebels

Cindi has worked as a Data Vault 2.0 (DV2) Solution Architect with responsibilities ranging from the design, development, implementation, and technical guidance of Enterprise Data Warehouse/big data analytics builds to crafting processes surrounding data acquisition and ingest, data governance and Master Data Management policy and compliance, development and team leadership.

She believes that your organization’s greatest resources are its employees. So, give them the tools they need to contribute individually to your success.  Don’t let your corporate or mission knowledge walk out the door … show them you value them by investing in them through training and education.

Why Partner with DVA?

Cynthia Meyersohn
At DataRebels, we believe that the stronger and more knowledgeable we are as practitioners and in our craft, the stronger and more expansive our influence becomes; that the more advanced our techniques, designs, and implementations become, the greater the business value is that we deliver to our customers -- trustworthy, auditable, quality answers and solutions.   We are convinced that these are shared goals among technical professionals.
DataRebels is proud to be a part of the DataVaultAlliance community because this is truly a community that is designed to help our practitioners hone their skills, share their knowledge, and connect.  We are excited to partner with Dan Linstedt and Sanjay Panda to help the community grow and impact this industry in a positive way.

What Value Does DV 2.0 Bring Your Customers?

DataRebels’ passion is to see the DV2 community grow and succeed because we believe, as DV2 Practitioners, hold the keys to the kingdom of data warehousing and big data analytic solutions. “We are on the cusp of a paradigm shift in the way in which data warehousing and big data analytics is conceived, perceived, and executed in the United States.”  The Data Vault 2.0 solution has been a major contributor to this much needed industry shift.  Our customers have grasped the vision of what future capabilities they will be positioned to achieve when they embrace a solution, such as DV2, that is engineered for scalability, flexibility, auditability, and automation — to name just a few of its many benefits.