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Group Invite Email

This is the email that is sent when Group Leaders / Team Leaders invite members to their group.  This email...
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Group or Team Purchase

Corporate Group and Team Accounts We now provide the opportunity to purchase group or team access to most things in...
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Group Re-invite Email

This email is sent when someone is re-invited to the group. SUBJECT: DataVaultAlliance: Welcome back to your group! Hello {user_first_name}...
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Manage Your Group

Notes About Group / Team Size: In the upper right corner of the page (just under the cog wheel icon),...
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Managing Multiple Groups

Managing Multiple Groups You can manage multiple active groups at once with our system.  This allows you to manage different...
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Renewing Your Group

Renewing Your Group Once you receive the email notice that your subscription is expiring, you may re-order.  Actually you may...
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